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Strange Curves, CouSnting Rabbits and other Mathematical Explorationsis an excellent popular math book for the right audience. I had a lot of fun reading it, and will probably re-read at some point.

In many primitive culture this is experienced by Shamans. In modern societies it is the short schizophrenia break down many go through during times of great stress. The drum is very important in this ritual for Shamans. It is said the ride into the other world on its skin. In these vision shamans from around the world talk about animals ripping their limbs apart. Just to be put back togethor in a better shape. But some do not return whole and ride a half skinned drum.

When your child has either an auditory processing or a visual processing problem, what happens is that those processing systems aren’t working as efficiently as they should be. Because of this inefficiency the processing systems are working harder than they should and they can get overloaded. When this happens, the system temporarily shuts down. In the classroom this can look like the student is not paying attention.

Some will say “always show your work” and others will say “why show work, anyway?” I think we should take a step back and think about it from a different perspective. Your job is not to make her show her work or not. Your job is to make sure she LEARNS, right? Some children will learn best by showing all their work, and others find the work too repetitive or boring, so giving an oral answer makes sense (like we did for elementary level math.) So maybe our best strategy is to make her show as many answers as she needs to in order to learn.

If answers don’t match the answer key, don’t assume your child got it wrong. I’ve been proven wrong that way MANY times! RS Aggarwal Quantitative Aptitude PDF answer keys are notorious for getting the answers wrong – in EVERY math curriculum, not just Saxon. Try to track down the Saxon website for updates on their answer key, or corrections. They may have a published list. Make use of their 800 number, and call them if you have a concern.

Another good way to learn about the interests of your friends, especially if they are way over your head, is to check a book on the subject out of the children’s department in your local library. These books are factual, but not as deep as an adult book on the same subject would be. You can gain a quick overview of the subject without being driven to tears trying to understand something that is clearly not your cup of tea.

Chasing the Curve. Many people in the audience for this book will have heard about Taylor series, which are used to approximate functions. But they don’t work very well for some functions. One method that works better in some cases is Pade approximations, which use rational functions to approximate a curve.

Since math skills build on each other, home educators find it helpful to use a “Scope and Sequence” for navigating through math. Downloadable lists of skills can be found on the Internet. By including math facts, computation and concepts you can prepare your children for Algebra, Geometry and beyond.