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If you are looking for an easy escape from the ever increasing hustle bustle of the city of joy without emptying your wallet much, then Bakkhali is an ideal weekend destination. Located just 130 kms away from Kolkata (Calcutta, India), Bakkhali can be reached within 4 hours easily by road. It is a beautiful beach covered with white sands and less crowded than popular sea beaches around Kolkata. Hotels are plenty and reasonably priced; all you need to have a very strong bargaining capacity. There is not much to do at Bakkhali, but witnessing a sunset on the beach with your loved ones can be an unforgettable experience. Hope this Bakkhali Weekend Travel Tips will make your journey more enjoyable.

The heavier the item, the more expensive the shipping therefore, saving on shipping really ads up. When you combine that with the free stuff you can get, promo codes are practically priceless.

If you are stopped for speeding, running a red light, driving the wrong way, or, worst of all, hitting something, be very polite to everyone involved. Of course, this is true when you aren’t traveling, too, but you have a better chance of making your meeting or flight if you deal with the situation nicely.

Bed bugs live throughout the world. They can survive for a very, very long time without feeding, and this gives them time to move to a location that will provide them with a food source. If you are traveling, they can hitch a ride on your luggage. They may be on a train, airplane, or any place that they can hang onto without being noticed.

The Las Vegas Strip can appear to be a fantasyland of sorts, with the larger-than-life replica hotels of places around the world. One way to enjoy a chick trip to Las Vegas is to plan a day for casino and hotel hopping to visit all the unique Las Vegas casinos and Hoteles economicos en BCS. The Venetian offers a trip through a re-created Venice, complete with gondola rides and Paris Las Vegas has the stunning Eiffel Tower. Take a walk to the Mirage to immerse yourself in an indoor rainforest, or visit the Excalibur to walk inside a medieval castle.

If you exercise at home, try to exercise the same way when you are traveling. Find out if it’s safe to walk/run outside near the hotel. This is also a great way to find the neighborhood restaurants and pubs that the travel books don’t know about.

Time to move on, Jerry. You’ve become an afterthought. A blemish on the face of a university that wishes to hear your name uttered no more. You tried to destroy a legend in Joe Paterno and failed. You tried to destroy Penn State and failed epically.