Preserved Flower Candles

When it comes to easy candle making there is nothing that is quite as easy as the rolled beeswax candle. This is a favorite among people all over the world. It is a great craft to do with your children and it is so easy and fast to do that you can do it in a lunch break. These beeswax candles are also a favorite among people who are looking for products that are more environmentally friendly as they are all natural. These candles are great as gifts and last for a long time.

Here is a list of all of the candle making supplies that you need: a double boiler, some paraffin wax, color dye, scented oils, wicks, wick tabs, carving knife, scissors, metal spoon, thermometer, and a candle mold. You can easily find all of these items online or at an arts and crafts store for fairly cheap. If you want you can make the double boiler yourself using a boiling pot as the bottom pot and an empty soup can as the top pot.

Here are some items that you don’t need to get started with your candle-making, but may make the process a little easier for you: wick stickers or glue dots will secure your wicks in place so that they don’t shift when you pour your wax, wick chips will keep your wicks straight for you, a digital scale is a more accurate way of weighing your wax and fragrance so that you know exactly how much to use of each, wax additives will correct a particular issue you may have with a particular wax, candle molds are needed if you are making molded candles, a heat gun comes in handy for preheating containers and correcting any imperfections you may get on the top of your candle. Again, these items are not necessary so you may want to acquire these items down the road.

We then moved on to one of the oldest techniques in Ecoponics, which are the dipped candles. This was a little bit tedious for a ten year old, but now it is one of my favorite ways for making candles. My Grandmother got each of us a twelve inch dowel and cut six pieces of wicks. She tied the wicks to the dowel, and once the wax was melted we began dipping the wicks into the hot wax. After the first dip, she made certain to hold the end of the wicks so that the wax dried straight. In the way too, just as in the first project we worked on, it is possible to make a multi-colored tapered candle. In all, it took us about forty dips of each wick before we had a candle that was an inch around, but again, it was a fun project and relatively simple.

In this article, you can learn about some simple candle making instructions for a variety of candles like sand candles, molten candles and scented candles.

Soy wax is a vegetable based product that comes from hydrogenated soybean oil. A lot of the soybeans grown throughout the world come from the United States, from places such as Iowa, Indiana, and Illinois. Soy candle making supplies can be a bit more expensive, primarily because the soy wax is generally more expensive than more commonly used paraffin wax, but soy users seem to really like it. If you’re willing to pay a bit more for your soy making candle supplies, you may just feel the same way.

Newspapers or cardboard – This is going to be used to cover the area that you work with. You want to keep the area that you work with clean and the best way to do this is with some newspapers or some cardboard.

Many hobbyists have been pleasantly surprised that their little hobby has transformed into a bustling little business. It might be worth investing in a few of these molds and seeing just where this fascinating craft can take you.