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Iguanas originally came from Mexico, South America, and Central America; although Hawaii, California, and Florida can also be considered as iguana habitats. These cold-blooded animals live in rainforests as well as dry, coastal regions. Today, however, iguanas can be found almost anywhere in the world. People have started to raise and breed iguanas for food. Others take care of them as pets.

Chives require moist, rich soil and plenty of sun. Pruning will result in healthy chives. Common chives are mostly evergreen in mild climates, but become dormant in harsh winter season.

An outdoor pen is an excellent home for turtles if you remember to follow a few simple rules. The pen must have wire in the bottom as well as along the sides so that the turtle can not burrow his way free and become exposed to predators and other dangers. You will have to clean this outdoor home on a regular basis to keep your turtle safe and healthy. The wire you use must be strong enough to provide protection for your turtle and the holes should be spaced closely together.

When selecting your plants I recommend you make your terrarium workshop singapore, or at least your first Terrarium, with only one particular type of carnivorous plant. The different species of plants have varying needs and caring properly for one type can kill another type.

Leopard geckos are considered to be very inexpensive pets and perfect as a pet for Terrarium workshop people who love animals but can not afford an expensive dog or cat.

Gecko tank – You can purchase either a terrarium or an aquarium tank, it doesn’t really matter. But, remember, a single gecko needs a minimum of 10 gallons. If you have more than one gecko you’ll need a bigger tank.

If the reptile has any respiratory disease or problem, you will remark that its eyes will be swollen. In this case there will be mucus formation around the eye area.