How To Make Money With A Blog – Crucial Blogging Secrets

It’s great when others promote your site. There are two reasons why someone would do this. One is that they are so impressed by the value of your information that they want to share it with their friends and/or colleagues. The other is that you have promoted them, and they want to reciprocate by promoting you. Often it is a combination of both reasons.

One of the advantages of a travel gallery is that it allows your family and friends to follow your blogs and to keep up to date with your travels. We were surprised how many of our friends followed our blogs and sent comments and questions about our experiences.

Traditional methods like selling your travel stories to magazines pay very less. You can enquire a magazine about the kind of articles they prefer to publish, so that you can write specifically to meet their need. The second method is to write an article and send it to the magazines for publication. You can collect information about the magazines that buy travel stories from libraries and via net. The risk involved with these methods is the uncertainty in receiving payment. Moreover, you have to be an excellent writer with a good story line, which makes the whole process a bit tough.

This is a quick ‘How to guide’ for people who are interested in becoming travel writers. It will help you with understanding of how to Pitch yourself and create your own travel identity without much investment.

But how can you make money through an auto blog though? Sell cars on a blog? Well no necessarily. Think about how magazines and TV programs make money. It’s the advertising! They get a lot of views from a lot of audiences and people pay them to advertise on their platforms. That’s one of the simplest ways to look at it but there are so many more ways to make money through an auto blog or even blogging in general.

Once you have a blog established, then you begin writing. Yes you will have to write about the places you’ve been to as well as those that you haven’t been to yet, for your main goal is to introduce them to your readers. If you have the will and power and drive to write, then this job would be of course, very easy.

Your SLR camera should be able to take video shots. Once I see something fascinating and that is not what the static photo can fully express, I’ll choose to use a video shot.

Your choice of a blog theme does make a telling impact on the kind of blog you are running. So make sure you choose something that is going to be a value-added proposition to your readers.