8 Simple Ways To Save Space

After you decide you need a self-storage unit, the next big question is how do you figure out which one to use? Plenty of options are around so the choice can be a bit overwhelming. Making the right choice can also be made harder thanks to all of those enticements some companies offer to lure you: low introductory rates can be great but you want to look at more than those early bargains, especially if you are looking for long-term storage.

Also, you need to ask about the number of people or vehicles allowed to enter the premises of the climate controlled self storage facility. Some may require only one person or vehicle for every renter due to security system. You may not be able to easily enter if you have company or are bringing along another vehicle.

Often, moving house means vacating one property on the same day you move into another. Time is of the essence; you’ll need to clear out your original home before you can transfer ownership. Of course, you’ll also need to line up closing on your new place so that you don’t wind up homeless during your move. Sound stressful? You bet!

Location, location, location. This is often the single most important factor when choosing a good self-storage facility. It needs to be accessible but not in an area where high land rents make it too expensive to use. I always try and avoid city centre facilities if I can. Look for a place on the edge of town but not too far out so that you can get there in a hurry to pick up some important items if you need to.

If you’re lucky to be going overseas on a long-term holiday, you don’t want to sell everything and have to start again when you return. It’s much more sensible to rent a temperature controlled self storage tuscaloosa al unit for the duration of your time away. When you return, you’ll be able to set up house and get back to normal more quickly than you expected.

A market of 100,000 population should not have more than 600,000 square feet of space available. If it does, the area is over-built. The best markets have ratios far less than 6. Remember that the density of the market has a lot to do with this. In areas with far denser housing, there is less available land for self-storage facilities, and a greater population to support it. San Francisco, which is extremely dense, is a great self-storage market, where as Stockton, California, always suffers from vacancy.

When it comes to the safety of your stuff, theft is not the only threat. Make sure that your storage locker can keep out the elements, such as rain, ice, and snow, while also being fire-safe.

When putting metal items in your Quebec storing unit, make sure they are well-cleaned and treated for rust prevention before you put them away. Appliances should be cleaned and things like freezers and fridges should be left partially open to allow fresh air to circulate.