Walt Disney World’s Not So Scary Halloween Party

No, I’m not talking about those cheap Halloween-mix CDs with weird sound effects and the “Monster Mash” song. Of course, the “Monster Mash” definitely deserves to be on the list, but you probably already knew that. In case you didn’t know, that song was recorded by Bobby (Boris) Pickett and the Crypt-Kickers. How’s that for a Halloween band name? Beyond that particular Halloween tradition, however, there are quite a few other songs worthy of your own creepy mix CD.

First, pick a date for the event. A school night isn’t the best choice so pick a Friday or Saturday as close to Halloween as possible. Decide just how long the party is going to last. Three hours is a good length of time: enough time to eat and have some crazy games but not so long that kids will get restless and start making up their own entertainment!

Continue the story by utilizing eyeballs (peeled grapes) intestines (spaghetti) brains (jiggly jello) in the story and passing each of the waiting bowls as you mention them. When you near the end of the story, right before Dr. Wahoo catches the students in his lab, have the same person who is judging the contest come running into the darkened room with a bladeless chainsaw at full blast! This is GUARANTEED to make boys scream!

Instrumental/Soundtracks – these are always good for throwing in the Halloween playlist. Even if they are all instrumental – or don’t specially address vampires – it’s fun to add the creepy music or try to remember what movie or show the song is from.

Hot Pumpkin – Grab one of those mini pumpkins from your local grocery store. It will make the perfect prop for playing “Hot Pumpkin”, and Halloween variation of “Hot Potato”. Play some spooky halloween background music free and when it stops, whoever has that pumpkin is out for that round. Play until there is just one left and you have your winner!

Why? Movies like Saw, Halloween or even Poltergueist are terrifying for creating atmosphere. The screams and soundtracks from these movies make great additional sounds. That piano solo in The Exorcist is still a chilling piece of music if you ask me. Such movies are also great for guests who just want to sit in front of the tube and avoid mingling.

All these different options make it really nice for customers to add a little something extra to their own home. Since the front door is one of the first experiences guests have as they enter your home, making some nice choices with your doorbell sounds can help people learn more about you. Because you are in control of the sound of your doorbell, you also have control over what this message could send. Your message could be warm and friendly or it could be cool and modern or something else. Any way you choose, you are still getting the chance to choose for your home.