The Pear Diamond Shape – A Tear Drop You’d Never Want To Shed

Diamond cutting is a process that transforms a rough crystal into a polished and faceted diamond. Once the stone is faceted, its value rises significantly. Cutters are professionally trained to ensure each diamond is cut properly. The quality of the cut will greatly affect the value of the diamond. A diamond that is perfectly cut will be durable, brilliant and sparkle. If it has a good grade but poor cut, its appearance will be dull and lackluster.

You know that the value of a diamond is judged by the 5 Cs or the cut, clarity, color, certificate and carat. Of course it is when all the 5 Cs are in place that the diamond 4c would be quite expensive. However you can easily compromise on one of the Cs. You do not need all the five essential characteristics. That would significantly lower the cost.

Many diamond price are over graded by one color grade and one clarity grade, to make them easier to sell. This may sound minor, but 1 carat diamond can easily lose its value in 1000$ or more due to a false grading! A certificate from a respected laboratory will give you an accurate assessment and will help will avoid this problem.

The Color of the stone means how white it is. A diamond is graded along a color scale which starts from D (the whitest) and goes all the way till Z (yellowish tint). Whiter diamonds are costlier than Yellowish diamonds as these are rarer.

The grading procedures will still remain the same as the normal diamonds when it comes to heat treated diamonds. If the stone in question has a deep colour to it, then the grade will be according to that colour. However, the original colour will be stated in the documentation and a remark that it has been treated will be noted.

For this category, the diamond contains extremely minor flaws which can be observed from the pavilion, or you can see a few flaws on its surface. The difference between VVS2 and VVS1 is that the diamond of VVS2 contains minor flaws on its surface.

As with anything else, the simplest thing you can do to protect yourself when shopping for a men’s diamond ring is to shop informed. Knowing what to look for is the first step to avoid being scammed.