The Amazing Body-Shrinking Properties Of Lactic Acid

There is no nutritional benefit in drinking soft drinks at all since they are mostly filtered water and refined sugars and yet the average American drinks about 57 gallons of soft drinks each year.

It is recommended to quit smoking because it increases acid reflux and decreases saliva production. Saliva helps protect the throat from stomach acid.

90% of all migraine attacks are triggered by allergies to food or reactions to additives. Aspartame is one of the most common ingredients thought to cause allergies. It is thought to lower levels of serotonin, which can trigger a migraine.

Caffeine increases the production of stomach acid. Also, avoiding caffeine can help a person get to sleep easier and get better quality rest. Avoiding caffeine may also relieve nervousness and mental stress. Alcohol both irritates the stomach and causes increased Hydrogen peroxide.

13. Medical conditions like gastro-esophageal reflux disease, gall stones, hyper-calcemia, Zollinger-Ellison syndrome, presence of the bacteria, helicobacter pylori etc.

Water – It may sound stunning but water may be very effective at the time of acid refluxes. Eight to ten glass of water could be very crucial for the physique to work properly. Water plays an important position in digestion of food. It dilutes the acid and wash something down that is perhaps causing problem.

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