Sweet 16 Favors – How To Choose The Perfect Favor For Your Daughter’s Party

When you think of poker chips and chocolate, it doesn’t come to mind that the two would be combined. But in fact they can be combined. When you have poker chips, they can serve many purposes over the fact of being edible. They can come in handy with the ever so popular game of poker and many have come to favor these little treats. These delectable treats can be the missing touch you need for any occasion.

If you want something that looks a little more polished, you can find websites that offer free printable candy bar wrappers or templates. Try looking for these on your favorite search engine. You’ll be surprised how many nice people are giving these away. They’re available in many sizes to fit different chocolate treats. You may have to hunt a little to find something close to what you want, but most of the work has already been done for you.

Place your finished chocolate covered strawberries in a row on your lined cookie sheet. After you’ve made your assembly line, it’s just a matter of letting them dry. Before they completely dry, you can also get even crazier and add some more toppings to them. Little candy sprinkles, more chocolate bits, crushed nuts, sugar – any accessory flavor that will appeal to you.

Decorations – Decorations are a must. Take note of the grad’s school colors, and ensure the placemats, table cloths, streamers, and balloons are all color coordinated. Place table toppers on all the tables, and have fun graduation party favors like customized candy singapore bars, mints, and more. Remember, the party is all about the new grad, so feel free to personalize as much as possible.

Thank You: What a sweet way to tell someone that you appreciate them! Thank you wrappers can be used for personal use as well as business. If you own a retail store, you can have them customized to say “Thank you for your business” and have your business name; address and other information printed on them as well. Then you can set them on a counter for customers to grab on their way out or you can place them in their bag! They can be sent in the mail or be handed to your client face-to-face to thank them for choosing YOU to do business with. You can put a big smile on someone’s face by giving them a thank you card that also doubles as a snack. You can make them happy on TWO different levels!

Just like chocolates, women will also love flowers. It does not necessarily have to be a bouquet of flowers. A mug, card or an addition to her flower garden will do just fine. The fourth option can be in the form of a trinket for decoration, but that is probably better for more special occasions like Mother’s Day. A very nice personalized picture frame with the best photo of you and your mum will also be one of the best gift ideas. If a gift from Tiffany’s cost a bit much, there are other personalized gifts that are not so expensive. Remember, the important thing is to thank your mum for everything she did once in a while. Mother’s Day is still the best day to do that.

Games. If you’re having an entire theme party, you might want to also include some games. Hide gourmet wrapped truffles for a sort of Easter egg hunt. You could fill a jar with M&Ms and have everyone guess how many candies it contains. The person that comes the closest can take home the entire jar as a prize. Play trivia by researching candy facts online. Use wrapped confections as game pieces for bingo or other games.

Take up a class together. Rumor has it that experiencing physical hardship together builds bonds. So why not join a yoga class together? Or even rock climbing?