New Fitness Activities For The New Year

When coaching youth baseball, you often end up with a bunch of boys who may not know each other. Team building is very important to ensure a cohesive team, one where the players support each other rather than compete with each other.

Fall/Winter activities : Skiing, snow-boarding, snowshoeing, and skating all made the top pick for winter youth activities. Also, although it’s winter, there are a variety of indoor Team building activities offered as well throughout different community resources. Check out some of these indoor sports, if snow is not your thing: floor hockey, indoor volleyball, basketball, and a wide variety of indoor aquatic programs. Check out your local community resource centers, such as YMCA for program details.

Even siblings of the same genes make up different personalities. As a team, you are made up of individuals from different cultures, and would have various ideas on how to improve the way your company operates. There is bound to be friction of some kind since your team is made up of different individuals. Team building aims to avoid this and bridge the gap by coming up with activities which bond the group. Thinking of fun activities to break the ice and personalize the interaction between members is a great way to start.

Bandits: Form troops of three or more members. Disguise one person as a bandit for each troop. Each troop gets a Team building activities description of the bandit and a map of the terrain. All troops have to assemble at a predetermined place at the end of the time specified, say after two hours. Within this time they have to capture the bandit. There will be as many bandits as there are troops, so each troop has to use the description of their bandit and capture the right person. This game requires group planning and decision making.

Plan first and foremost. Engage the team in discussion about the event. Ask them what they would like to see on team building away days, and be sure to incorporate at least some of the ideas put forward.

Everyone loves a good game of capture the flag. You can divide your team into 2 groups. Make sure that you put children with people they may not know very well; this encourages new bonds. Once groups have been divided let the children choose a leader; this person will delegate and help the team either win, or lose.

The value of team building for small teams is many-fold. Small teams can be brought up to speed quickly and can usually work together more efficiently than large teams can. Members of small teams are more likely to see their own value and that of others, making the whole a much more powerful force.