Need A Helping Hand – Try A Call Answering Service.

If you have some spare time, why not start a home based business and earn some cool cash? With the increased cost of living, food and fuel prices skyrocketing, I am sure you could do with some extra money on the side.

If you are self employed and need to secure new custom, there may be a temptation to never switch off the phone just in case a call comes in. That can have a major impact on your lifestyle, whereas by outsourcing, you can relax knowing Call answering services will be answered and addressed without you needing to lift a finger.

I have a friend who used to have a dog, and she carried some of her business cards when she was out walking with it. She said dog walking was quite a sociable activity, with owners chatting to each other and she said she usually handed out one to two cards.

If you’re on the road a lot, chances are your cell-phone is often out of signal range and there is no one in your office to take a message should that all-important client call. With the Call answering service provided by many VAs, you can divert your calls and rest assured that your client will receive the personal touch rather than dealing with an annoying automated answering device. Your messages will be passed on to you in order of importance and you won’t need to sort through lengthy messages on voicemail.

Flexibility. Telephone answering call centres adapt to your needs. Only need cover at night time? Fine. Only want calls directed to your mobile? That’s fine, too. You can also choose whether to have messages sent to you and how to have them sent to you (e.g. email, text message, etc).

Imagine the boost a telephone answering service could give to your business. How many calls have you lost because you couldn’t answer the phone? How many business opportunities have slipped by because they rang someone else because you couldn’t take the call? How many calls do you simply know nothing about because the caller found the phone engaged? How many calls have you been annoyed by because they are telemarketers or time wasters?

Hire people who “get it.” You must employ people who agree with your philosophy and methodology and who see the value in documentation and written procedures. If your employees aren’t on the same page as you, don’t expect to get the results you want.