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Well California isn’t what it used to be and neither is route 66 in fact my then new car had a bad engine in it and I had to replace it before I sold it. Disney Land is now getting ready for a face lift and even the Florida Disney World is needing updating.

Broadcasting in the mother tongue was a gift! However, today, it is the generation of the “deez, demz and dozas. Pronunciation and proper projection are a thing of the past. For the most part, if you have been an ex-jock with a recognizable name you can probably have a successful opportunity in broadcasting. Many of these retired athletes have great knowledge about their sport and that is good. This makes the listening to the games enjoyable. In this respect, my hat is off to my friend Ed Goren, who as President of FOX 스포츠중계 has been meticulous in hiring his announcers. They all bring both knowledge and expression in good English to each airing.

It should be clear that little journalistic integrity exists. When Red Barber hit a raw nerve more than 40 years ago, he was fired. It must be noted that Barber was one of the top, if not the top baseball broadcaster in the 1950s and 1960s, but not even his competence and stature could stop Mike Burke and new Yankees’ owner CBS from getting rid of him for reporting the facts.

Michael: It’s not as important as you’d think. It’s the writer’s job essentially to stand in Sports broadcasting the shoes of the reader of the book and ask the kinds of questions the reader would ask if the reader had access to the author. So it’s the client’s job to educate the writer as to who the audience is. That’s my starting point when I work with a new client-we determine exactly who the audience is for the book, what their needs are, what their problems are, what their concerns are and what their fears are. Who are these people? It’s a little like method acting. If I know who I’m representing when I’m doing the interviewing, I can ask the right questions.

Let’s put it this way: Suppose we corner off a section of the nation, say from Texas across the Southeast to Florida. Okay 9/12-ers, followers of Glenn Beck, Obama-haters, conservatives, Republicans, Tea Partiers, whatever you call yourselves… you now have a place to call home. South Carolilna Sen. Jim DeMint can be your president. You can have the society you want. What would it be like? I’m not interested in industry and the types of commerce that would generate a GDP. I’m just interested in the kind of place you’d like to live –your ideal.

JC: When the Penguins won their previous Stanley Cup championships, neither series went to a seventh game. In 1991, the Penguins defeated the Minnesota North Stars in six games. Then in 1992, the Penguins swept the Chicago Black Hawks in four games.

To borrow a common San Francisco practice, you can pick an offramp and hang out in your Giants jersey with a sign: “Need a little help to watch the Giants on TV”. Just trying to be helpful.