How To Make Various Kinds Of Honey Acne Masks At Home

Is your toenail turning yellow and you can see some foul smelling debris under it? If you are then you must be suffering from Onychomycosis. It basically means fungal infection of the nails. Your toenails and fingernails both can be infected by the fungus. However it has been seen that toenail fungus infection is more common than finger nail fungus infection. This is because fungi thrive in warm moist places. And wearing wet sock or shoes, walking barefoot in public baths, near swimming pools increases the chances of toenails fungus infection. It is a common disease especially among adults and you need to know about treatment.

Here is how I used Tea Tree Oil before. In a small spray bottle, I have put 10-15 drops of the oil, and filled the bottle with water. I spray that on the vaginal area twice a day. As herpes e tea tree oil is an antiseptic, it kills the yeast on the skin. It feels quite soothing. However, it is not a cure. It just relieves the symptoms, which helps along the way to curing candida. Only a long-term diet with supplements will cure candida.

First, you need to choose for the right tree oil product to be used for the treatment. It is always recommended to use the ones placed in tinted bottles to cure the infected area. The clear ones have the inability to stay longer in the skin for long hours. The tinted bottles keep the medicated oil inside free from the UV rays of the sun so it is protected.

6) Turmeric: There are a lot of Tea Tree Oil uses for this denizen of the spice rack. It can act as a topical pain killer, reduce inflammation and help deal with scars. It can help with psoriasis and other skin conditions and can help prevent infections in minor injuries.

One of the first things you need to be aware of when using this herb is that it is very strong. This means that it might cause reactions on your skin like redness, swelling and irritation. Many people simply cannot tolerate it at full dose.

Some other uses include the treatment of hair lice, the best way to use tea tree oil for hair lice treatment is by mixing 10 ml of the oil with 50 ml of your favorite shampoo. Then add 50 ml of vegetable oil, (any kind of vegetable oil will do). Mix this all together with equal parts of water. Soak hair in this mix and leave it in for ten minutes. Then go and wash your hair out thoroughly to get rid of the oily mix. There won’t be any of those unwanted pest left in your hair alive.

The best thing to do is to apply a small patch of the herb Oil on the inside of your elbow and wait for two to three hours to see if there is a reaction.

Tea tree oil is highly used in beauty products and over the counter medicines. Many gels, soaps, cleansers and other related products contain tea tree oil.

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