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The year 2009 is a momentous one for the US Mint and for coin collectors. One of the most venerable United States coins, the Lincoln Cent, is receiving a makeover to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Lincoln Cent and the 200th anniversary of Lincoln’s birth. While there is no change in the obverse (heads) side of the coin, the reverse (tails) side of the coin is completely redesigned.

Many gold bugs insist that the only true gold exposure is through gold custom challenge coins no minimum. An easier way to gain instant gold exposure is through the iShares COMEX Gold Trust ETF ( IAU) that is up 15.3% so far this year. Another option is investing through the iShares South Africa ETF (EZA) which has considerable exposure to the gold and mining industry and is up 15.9% this year.

Let’s say coin maker that you chose to become a member in the Black Arm Gang. Then the gang’s leader Katrine will tell you that you need to steal some crossbows from the other gang. This is where you will need your friend to help you.

With seven candles in it, awakens the family with a song, and serves the coffee, cakes, and buns. Each town and city also chooses a young woman to be Lucia for the day. She then serves coffee and food to the townspeople at schools, hospitals, and other public buildings. From these women, a national Lucia is chosen; followed by a parade, feast, and dance.

It was the first Christmas after my parents separated. A bleak best coin maker time to be sure. My mother had cautioned me repeatedly not to expect much for Christmas, that it was all she could do to keep us fed, clothed and sheltered (this was before the improved alimony and child-support laws).

Clearance sales enable you to save even more money each month. Clearance sales have prices that are cheaper than regular retail price at stores. They usually put clothes on clearance when they are trying to get other clothes in for the new season.

Keep important phone numbers near the telephone, in case you need to call one for an emergency. The list should include your vet, the poison control center, and a friend in case you need help transporting your pet. If there is a need to hold your cat, it’s best to let someone else drive.