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The English word ‘atheist’ comes from the ancient Greek ATHEOS: a meaning no, and theos meaning God. Paul used the word in Ephesians 2:12, and we generally translate it ‘without God’.

Visitors will see a Nativity scene, with live actors, a Christmas lights display, and an archeological presentation, explaining Bethlehem as the birthplace of Jesus Christ. The toll free number of the Christian apologetics museum is

Stand For Truth Ministries, in Fremont, California, is hosting the California Christian Apologetics Conference 2009 – September 18 – 19. Last year’s featured guests were Norman Geisler and Josh MacDowell. Sean Hayes, the ministry’s founder, hosts the Stand For Truth radio show, Saturdays at 8:30 p.m. on AM 1100 KFAX.

The days to come will see young children without fathers taking to gangs and to the streets at night and during the day and doing criminal activity. No longer will it be safe on the streets for most people and these gangs will have no fear.

Everyone deserves to find love. If being with someone who will go to church with you and does not argue with you about what you believe in makes you happy beyond belief, then that is the type of person who you should be with. That is my single greg bahnsen apologetics dating advice of the month for everyone who is wondering.

“Liars?” you scream? Yepper folks! See, you smart cats claim to be the inclusive ones, the diverse ones, the all welcoming ones, the “Big Tent” party that is for the little man, the downtrodden and minorities in general, and that used to include women as well. Seems something happened on the way to Bountiful.

I believe there are also grains of precious metals, maybe some gold, maybe some silver. These grains represent His plans for us. He plans to make us prosperous and successful. He plans to make us into the image of His son. He plans to use us in His kingdom. We only need to surrender to Him.