Camping Is All About The Campfire

If you find yourself with the wanderlust, craving travel and waking up in new states with different shades of sunshine, there’s only one remedy. You must hit the road. Renting an RV has major benefits, but you may think that a car is right for you. Anyway, when you slowly drive across the country visiting places and seeing things that you have never seen before, you will be satiated. To choose how you want to go, read this.

Don’t waste fuel. Maximize your RV’s fuel efficiency by checking the tire air pressure, keeping your vehicle up to date on oil changes and maintenance, and driving safely. If your vehicle is in top notch condition, it will get better gas mileage. Having maps or a GPS system handy will also help minimize unnecessary driving if you happen to get lost. They can also help when you’re having trouble finding a suitable campsite for your motor home.

Apart from the beauty of nature and the refreshing climate, Coorg boasts of high quality ethnic food, served with care and concern at the several quality hotels available in this small town. You can easily choose between, budget, economy and luxury hotels that dot the landscape here. Or you can choose to stay in well-furnished cottages in the coffee plantations, little far away from the town proper. Here you can while away your time, trekking through the estates, fishing in the tiny brooks and eating around stuff. Nothing will disturb you and you can enjoy a peaceful sojourn here.

A young fire and viral engagement requires much initial care. It must be soothed and encouraged with moderation. Too little and there’s no incentive to continue the sharing chain. Too much and you squash it outright. Nudge ahead where necessary, encourage from the background but let the flames and viral spread advance on its own.

You’ll need a tent and standard camping gear. Depending on how comfortable you want to live during Burning Man, consider bringing along your own porta-potti, a solar shower, air mattress or cushion for your bed, a camp sink and cooler with plenty of dry ice.

Clean of tabletops of food crumbs as well, and do not forget to wash the faces of little kids, as this will call ants to feast on them along with other unwelcome visitors.

In terms of the “Made in America” fires, not so many are burning at the present time. The Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness (BWCAW) saw two small fires burning on Kekekabic Lake, but those are now winding down and should be no threat to paddlers.

Dispose of waste appropriately. If you create waste, make sure you dispose of it properly. Sometimes you just can’t recycle or reuse something. When that happens, make sure it gets put in a trash bag. Also, invest in some eco-friendly products to clean up your mess. With some careful planning and attentiveness, your motor home can become a green machine. Ignore the finger wagging commuters in SUVs. Talking to fellow RV enthusiasts on your travels can reveal even more ways that you can contribute to the environment.