Basic Home Staging Tip: Take Down Keep Out Signs

When it comes to selling real estate, most people assume the first impression hits prospective buyers when they enter the house. They’re wrong. That’s the second impression. The first impression comes much sooner and learning about a little concept called road appeal will help you as an agent or seller move your real estate properties quickly.

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I can tell you that verbatim. It’s on the website…BullionVault’s objective is to create the world’s most cost-effective, secure and accessible market in professional grade gold bullion.

(Q) Do you allow corporate funds, both short term and long term to be used for the purchase of bullion? If IBM came along and said, we want to invest a portion of our pension fund…?

(Q) Do you have any tax reporting requirements on a customers sale of gold….if tomorrow I sell a million dollars worth of BV gold, is that sale reported to the tax services?

Some of the best additional incentives i have come across have been in the form of things that prospective buyers really need. Perhaps, your potential buyers can be offered a new washing machine or garden furniture in addition to their purchase. Maybe you are willing to pay their mortgage or childcare for a month or two for a quick sale. You could even go as far as kitting out a media room, with a huge flat screen TV and DVD equipment.

Your house selling satisfaction is a must. Remember, there is no obligation for you to accept any of our offers to purchase your house if they don’t meet your unique house selling needs. You will be able to talk to our house buyers and negotiate a sale that is a win-win for all involved. If you are not completely satisfied with our offer, you do not have to sell us your house. We strive to satisfy your real estate needs in a quick and efficient manner.