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A sample of American Water Spaniel photos from over the years. Click images to enlarge.

bycbcolburnbaycityMI.jpg (42940 bytes)

Circa 1890s
Photo by C.B. Colburn, Bay City, MI

broughtyfairy1860s.jpg (29460 bytes)

Circa 1870s
Location: Broughty Fairy

1920spic.jpg (11912 bytes)

Circa 1920s
Location unknown

1930spuppies.jpg (38204 bytes)

Circa 1930s
Location unknown.

girldogtintype.jpg (10976 bytes)

Circa 1850s
Location unknown.

kiddog1905.jpg (16336 bytes)

Circa 1905
Location unknown.

loggers.jpg (40266 bytes)

Circa 1900
Location unknown, possibly Minnesota.

TermaatsStudioOshkosh.jpg (11328 bytes)

Circa 1880s
Termatt's Studio, Oshkosh, Wisconsin

Iacab.jpg (15301 bytes)

Circa 1880s

dogtin1.jpg (8406 bytes)

Circa 1850s
Tintype. Location unknown.

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