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AWSFA Training Event

Kirk Farm

5398 Kirk Rd., Eau Claire, MI 49111

The Saturday session will include upland and retriever training for those that wish to participate. The birds used will be chukar. Bird costs are $7/bird for members and $8/bird for non-members. Beginning May 1, 2006, all non-members must pay a daily training fee of $15. Training begins at 9:00 AM. You must pre-register for the event. Contact Craig Jones at either JonesWingShooter@aol.com or (231)865-3484 to reserve birds and to add your name to the list of participants.

What to bring?  One item of Blaze Orange (hat, shirt or vest) is required for fieldwork.  Your dog(s).  Food and plenty of water for your dog, retrieving dummy's, whistles, dog leads, crate, boots (waders or hip boots could be handy), first aid kit for dog, wet ones for hand cleaning, sunscreen and hat, insect repellent, something to sit on, raingear, lunch, snacks, drinks and anything else which you may think of and we probably forgot to mention.

If you have any other questions you can contact:

Paul Morrison



Craig Jones














The Kirk Farm is just off the new US 31 bypass at Sodus exit 22. 

From the South or West take I94 to Benton Harbor exit 28.  At the end of the exit ramp turn right. At the second traffic light go right on Nickerson. Nickerson goes about one mile and then there is another traffic light.  Go straight through that light to get on Sodus Parkway. Take Sodus Parkway, it will cross the US 31 bypass, into Sodus. Once in Sodus go straight through at the flashing red light and continue on Pipestone Rd. one and a half miles until you come to Oxbow Rd (just before big hill) and then turn left. The first stop sign is Hillendale Rd., continue on Oxbow Rd. about one mile until you reach Kirk Road and then turn right. The farm drive way is on the right just past abandoned railroad bed. The farm is 40 acres in size and is located at the corner of Oxbow and Kirk Roads.  

The US 31 bypass is accessible from the East at I94 exit 30 Napier Ave.  At the exit ramp turn left onto Napier Ave.  About two miles is US 31 bypass.  Go south on US 31 to Sodus exit 22 and follow the above directions from that point.