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President -- Paul R. Morrison

11450 Durand Rd. Howell, MI  48855 (517) 552-1663

Paul and his wife Lynn obtained their first AWS in 1988. Within a year they were hooked and have gone on to own many AWS. They bred their first litter of pups in 1993. Over the years Paul has been active in a variety of canine pursuits including participating in conformation, obedience, and field training. Many of his dogs have earned AKC and UKC titles in both the conformation and obedience rings. Paul has worked for over a decade as a professional trainer concentrating most on obedience instruction and field training. Paul is a licensed AKC Spaniel Hunt Test judge and worked passionately to obtain AKC classification of the AWS. He trains his dogs a all-around hunting dogs working with other spaniel and retriever trainers on a regular basis.

Vice-President -- Craig Jones

5674 Airline Rd. Fruitport, MI 49415 (231)865-3484

Craig obtained his first AWS, Scuba (guess what hobby Craig enjoys), in 1999 and soon joined the AWSFA. He and his wife Brandy regularly participate in our Michigan field training events. He is an avid hunter of grouse and other Michigan game birds. He has also made a trip or two out to the plains states in search of pheasant and other game. After a bit of a slow start to Scuba's training Craig really became very determined to polish up Scuba's style in 2003. Through regular attendance at AWSFA training events and a lot of hard work at home Craig and Scuba became the most improved team of 2003. Craig also owns German Shorthaired Pointers and participates in NAVHDA events with his pointers. He is an avid waterfowl and upland hunter.

Secretary -- Ron MacDonald

1909 Main Street, Stevens Point Wisconsin 54481, 715-344-0059

Ron got his first AWS not too many years ago after years of hunting ducks and geese with Labs and Chessies. He is an avid hunter and found the smaller size of the AWS to be more appropriate for the hunting conditions of Tennessee where he lived prior to relocating to central Wisconsin. Ron has participated in a number of activities with the AWSFA including field training events in northern Wisconsin. He is very active in Ducks Unlimited and has volunteered his time at the Ducks Unlimited Great Outdoor Festival in Memphis, TN. If you attend a DU event you may just find Ron and his companion, Stanley, serving as AWS ambassadors. Ron has even tried his hand at the conformation ring taking a first place with Stanley when he did. However, Ron and Stanley agree that they much prefer the marsh to the show ring. After 30 years of service in the US Navy Ron retired and went back to school and obtained a degree in Ecological Toxicology. Gus, Ron's newest AWS, was added to the family in 2005.

Treasurer -- Gary McCullough

2352 Palm Dale Dr., Wyoming MI  49509


Gary's first AWS, Kali, came to him in 2002. His interest in the breed was spawned by his wife's (Tonja) family who had raised AWS back in the 1960s. In the spring of 2003 Gary attended his first AWSFA training session and has been a regular fixture ever since. Kali is Gary's constant companion in the uplands of Michigan and produced Gary's and Tonja's first litter on January 1, 2005. From that litter came Gary's second dog Brutus and the two have become a pleasant team to watch working a field. Now that the AWS can run in AKC Hunt Tests Gary is considering entering Brutus in a few tests to try his hand at the sport.


Director -- Paul Chiba

2795 Hickory Nut Lane Kalamazoo MI 49004-3196


Paul has been a regular part of the AWS and AWSFA worlds for nearly two decades. There is probably no person more devoted to the AWSFA and its work than is Paul. He attends training sessions on a regular basis, is always willing to lend a helping hand, and is full of encouragement for the other attendants to the training sessions. Paul is an avid waterfowl and upland hunter -- and he is a pretty good shot with the shotgun. When you attend a training session or other AWSFA field event you will usually find Paul out there gunning over the dogs or helping them learn their tasks.  


Newsletter Editor -- Paul Morrison

11450 Durand Rd. Howell, MI  48855 (517) 552-1663


Training Coordinator -- Craig Jones

5674 Airline Rd. Fruitport, MI 49415 (231)865-3484


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