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This is a sampling of articles that have appeared in past editions of the AWSFA newsletter known as the Journal.

Dog Games

bulletThe Answer is Agility
By Jill Hendrickson


bulletTHE KEONI PROJECT: Epilepsy in the American Water Spaniel
By Beth Lagimoniere
bulletDecember 2001 UPDATE: THE KEONI PROJECT
By Beth Lagimoniere
bulletHypothyroidism in the American Water Spaniel
Paul Morrison

In the Field

bulletBirds Are In!: planting and using birds for your training session
By Charlie Shoulders
bulletBeat the Heat: Hot Weather Tips for Gun Dogs
By Steve Deger
bulletA Bevy of Bumpers: Choosing and Using Retrieving Bumpers for Field Training
By Paul Morrison
bulletNorth Dakota with Hunter and Frieda
By Paul Chiba
bulletThe AWSFA Returns to the Land of the Buckeyes
By Peter Monaghan, D.D.S.; Ph.D.
bulletTraining Day Tidbits: A Method of Steadying to Flush
By Charlie Shoulders
bulletTraining Day Tidbits: Frequently Asked Questions about Field Training
By Charlie Shoulders
bulletYooper Insights: Consistency, Repetition, and Learning to Read Your Dog
By Steve Rodock


bulletAmerican? Irish? Boykin? A Guide to Water Spaniel Identification
By Steve Deger
bulletThe Joy of Fostering
By Steve Deger
bulletScout "You're His Last Hope"
By Paul Olsen

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