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Type of membership:   ____  Regular $15     ____  Household $20  ____  Lifetime $300  ____  Junior $10 (non-voting)

(All of the above membership options include an annual newsletter subscription).


Date: ______________


Name:  _______________________________________   Name:  _______________________________________  


Address: ____________________________________________________________




Telephone: ______________________  Email: _________________________________________________________


Occupation: ____________________           


Memberships outside of the United States are payable in US dollars, and are not eligible to serve on the Board of Directors.


American Water Spaniel Field Association, Inc. Member Pledge:

As member(s) of the AWSFA, and fans of the American Water Spaniel, we agree to uphold the Constitution and By-Laws of the American Water Spaniel Field Association, Inc. and the rules of the American Kennel Club.  We also agree to abide by the guidelines below.  We understand that if we do not comply, we may be denied membership, or suspended or expelled from club functions and/or membership upon AWSFA Board review.

Good Sportsmanship

When representing our breed at formal or informal events we will make every effort to be courteous and informative so that the AWS is represented in an honorable manner.  We will not indulge in verbal or written abuse of fellow breeders or club members, their bloodlines or practices.

Guardians of the Breed

We will screen our breeding stock for crippling hereditary defects.  We will not breed any affected dogs.  We will replace or refund in the case of any puppies affected with a screenable defect.  We will guarantee our puppies’ health in writing.  We will not knowingly sell our puppies to brokers for resale in pet shops.  We shall stand by our breed by attempting to foster or place any dog in need of a new home.  Those we cannot personally handle will be referred to AWSFA rescue.  Any animal evaluated as unsuitable for placement will be dealt with humanely.

After reading and completing this form, please sign it, enclose your check, and mail to:

AWSFA *  c/o Ron MacDonald *1909 Main Street, Stevens Point Wisconsin 54481 

Signature ___________________________________________    Date:______________         

Signature ___________________________________________    Date:______________         



Areas of interest (please check all that apply):

__ Upland Hunting    __ Flushing Spaniel Training    __ Waterfowl Hunting    __ Waterfowl Training   __ Hunt Tests

__ Fun Hunts   __ Rescue  __ Conformation    __ Obedience   __ Agility    __ Tracking     __ Therapy Dogs

__ Breeding    Other: ___________


Dogs owned: (Include call name, breed, registered name with titles earned)



Attach a separate sheet of paper if you have more dogs.